Monday, March 19, 2012

Loud . . . Louder . . . Loudest!

Please, forgive the lack of recent posts! Life has been busy.

I made it out of the house this past Saturday night to go to a concert (my first in a little over five months), and filmed the first few minutes with my princess phone. I've seen Jucifer probably at least twenty-five times, and this show was one of their best, if not the best, I've seen.

The above clip was followed by around 80 minutes of non-stop, heavier-than-heavy P O U N D. It was amazing.

As they played, it occurred to me that the perfect way for the set to end would be for the entire stage, and everything on it, to explode. Of course, that is not something one can do more than once. And my husband probably would not have appreciated it if I returned home in a body bag rather than in my car.

That wall of speakers? It's Amber Valentine's guitar rig, not a PA system! Yes, that wall of sonic death is all for just her guitar.

1 biased opinion:

Ambassador MAGMA said...

Their new album is the best thing they've done. It's simply crushing!!!