Monday, April 16, 2012

Warren Steele Stylee w/ the Strung-out Orchestra and the Crackhead Circus

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II - songs for Lost Soul,s

And welcome to day two of what I decided this morning will be a new Theme Week: Local to Me Week!

Warren Steele Stylee w/ the Strung-out Orchestra and the Crackhead Circus is quite a mouthful, eh? I came across a three-song sampler CDR of tracks from this album at my favorite local store back in 2006. The music therein was definitely on the . . . odd side, but I liked it. Shocking, eh? There was a little flyer for an upcoming show at the Star Bar, so I decided to check 'em out.

From the credits, it would appear that Warren did everything himself on the album, but he assembled a small ensemble for the live show. I know I enjoyed it, but all I can remember now is they were a bit more conventional in the live setting than on this utterly bizarre and wonderful CD. Also, Warren obviously got a haircut sometime between the taking of the photograph from the back cover and their show.

I reviewed this one on Amazon, by the way, something I don't do all that often. Here's what I had to say back in the early months of 2007:

Different . . .

File this somewhere between The 13th Floor Elevators, Hapshash and the Coloured Coat, Amon Düül (I not II) and the Godz (the ESP band, not the metal one(s)). Droning music, unintelligible vocals and a general sense of otherness make this one of my favorite releases of 2006.

5 biased opinions:

Holly said...

I like. Reminds me more than a little bit of early 3 Mile Pilot.

Lightning Baltimore said...

Interesting. That's not a comparison I would've thought to make at all! Do you mean Nà Vuccà Dò Lupù-era?

Holly said...

Chief Assassin to the Sinister, actually/specifically. I am lucky enough to have 1 of the burlap-wrapped lps, which is a pain to shelve but I love anyway.

Lightning Baltimore said...

Great album! I've got both CD versions (Headhunter original and DGC do-over), but I've never even seen a vinyl copy.

Biki said...

oh holy inky cats NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO