Monday, April 30, 2012

Lightning Baltimore
"Squiggles, Loose in the World"

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Lightning Baltimore
Unsolicited Material
(unreleased, 1998)

Yep, this is me, playing Fred (the Höfner guitar in picture), through my Marshall (model 5210, 50 watts), also pictured. Fred was a gift from my friend Charlie. Unlike Charlie, Fred is covered in naugahyde and used to belong to Charlie Pastorfield of the defunct Skip Castro Band, who used to play often where Charlie Not Pastorfield and I lived in the '80s.

I recorded this stuff in the late '90s but only just now took a pic of the equipment used for this track and made this cheesy album cover. Not pictured are the guitars I played on other tracks: a Gibson SG and a much-maligned-but-I-love-mine Gretsch TK300.

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