Monday, April 2, 2012

"Events at KOP (Mother Spider)"

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Yet another cool discovery thanks to the excellent folks at Wayside Music, who stocked the first Sarax album, 1997's Fécula Bicorpórea, many years ago.

570.Kythera was the third Sarax album, and also the third part of a prog metal, sci-fi trilogy. I suppose you could think of them as Chile's answer to Canada's Voïvod, if you like. I certainly can't stop you. Nor would I try, really.

Anyhow, 570.Kythera is an asteroid inhabited by the Makronas, who were journeying to Iarkos. I think. The KOP is the Kytheras Organic Pentagram. Two Earthlings, Juan Pirrón and Zirok, have somehow ended up on 570.Kythera and, in this piece, try to jam the controls of the KOP to prevent attaining Iarkos. I think. It's all rather confusing. Regardless, the music is great, and that's what matters, in my opinion.

Per the inside back page of the booklet, the three Sarax albums tell the story as follows:

  • Fécula Bicorpórea
    • Ancient Makronas chants recopilation
  • Ejecución
    • Juan Pirrón's last night on Earth before taking off to Kythera
  • 570.Kythera
    • The story in the asteroid where the Makronas lived by the time Pirrón y Zirok arrived

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