Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sarah Kernochan
"Feeding Time at the Zoo"

Sarah Kernochan
House of Pain
(RCA Records, 1974)

The world is chock full o' nuts of weird coincidences. Listener VirginiaM requested the other day that I post some S.K. Thoth. Well, I do have his first CD, so it's a possibility.

So, what's the coincidence, you ask? Well, I already had today's post ready to go save for the write-up. I knew Sarah Kernochan has worked in film (due to research done previously, after I purchased today's song source), so I went to find her entry on and, holy crap, she produced and directed the Academy Award-winning documentary short that Ms. M and I saw several years ago, Thoth, about none other than S.K. Thoth! She also wrote that filthy, sex movie 9½ Weeks, which I've never seen and am therefore able to pre-judge.

I knew none of this when I spied her album House of Pain in the used racks at my favorite local record store a few months ago, however. With that title and cover and price tag ($4, I think), I had to buy it, even though I had no clue who she was. Well, it turned out she was, at the time, a singer/songwriter with a bit of a demented edge. Carole King off her meds and brandishing a meat cleaver, if you will. House of Pain was her first album of two, and it's quite a lot of twisted fun. Now, I must find that second one . . .

4 biased opinions:

VirginiaM said...

Nø way! What a coincidence.

This was fun.

aQuarius recOrds, inc. said...

"File not found"?? :(

Lightning Baltimore said...

Works for me! Try again? Please?

Biki said...

not bad, but really not my cuppa. if it were playing in a restaurant, this wouldnt cause me to murder innoccents.