Friday, September 2, 2011


(Tsunami Records, 2005)

Not much I can you about this one, sadly. With a name as short as NO, it's rather tough to do research, y'know? I know from the back cover that Jason played drums and sang, while Scott played guitar and sang. I know from seeing them open for Unpersons at a squat that Jason had a red beard and big red afro, whereas Scott had straight, brown hair and played a blue, I think, guitar. I'm pretty sure they were listed on the flyer that night as NO!, though the record front cover shows them as , whereas elsewhere on the cover they are simply NO. They were from Athens, GA, and this was their only release, as far as I am aware. It's on snazzy white vinyl, too. If anyone has further details they can share, that'd be just ducky! The website for the record label is full of dead links, sadly, including the one to info on them.


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