Friday, September 16, 2011

Baylies Band
"Pissing on a Dying Man"

Baylies Band
Risibility and Discourse
(75 or Less Records, 2007)

OK, perhaps it's cheesy to make a suicidal play on Фёдор Михайлович Достоевский's classic novel, Записки из подполья, but the debut by Baylies Band, Suicide Notes from the Underground, caught my eye in the dollar bin at my second favorite local store several years ago.

The album proved to be a cool and bizarre mix of post-punk, noise, and weirdness. Leader Eric Baylies saw me mention listening to them on a message board and sent me copies of their two newest releases: Risibility and Discourse and Fort Thunder Flashback. The former begins with an 18 minute prog rock piece followed by several shorter and noisier punkers, including five versions of "Let's Get Stabbed" and today's jukebox selection. The latter is a mix of free improvisation, radio static, and noise. It's clearly not without reason that Baylies Band were voted Best Category-Defying Act in Providence in 2010!

Unfortunately, I lost all my saved e-mails not long after receiving the discs from Mr. Baylies, and was never able to properly thank him. Initial research for this post a few weeks ago led me to the above-mentioned award article and the website for 75 or Less Records, the label that released the CDR albums Eric had sent to me. Baylies Band have released two more CDRs (Man Ray & Vague Knitting and All Clowns No Lions) since the two I was gifted; I ordered copies, of course. The label happened to include a copy Fort Thunder Flashback, as well, so I am instituting the first Lightning Giveaway! The first commenter to request a copy of FTF will win my extra copy! I'll contact said winner, so, please, no address info in the comments.

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