Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The PB Army
"A Hole in the New Leaf"

The PB Army
Spine for the Snapback
(Sin Klub Entertainment, 2005)

Hey, let's have more coincidences, OK!?

This one has nothing to do with me or this blog, however.

Mighty Ohio rockers The PB Army (apparently something from a Pabst Blue Ribbon advertising campaign, as opposed to yummy, yummy peanut butter) (can you tell I don't drink?) got sidelined for a while in between their first* and second albums. See, vocalist-lyricist-drummer-super nice guy Keith Bergman got slammed with medical problems that ended up requiring open heart surgery. Yow!

So, what's the coincidence this time 'round? Well, today's song opens with the line, "I do not recognize this heart." I asked Keith about it when they came through town in support of the new album, 'cause I was able to actually make out some of the words (hadn't heard the new stuff prior to the show), and I knew he'd had some really serious heart problems. As it turned out, they'd been playing the song live for around a year before he succumbed and went under the knife.


Sadly, sometime after the tour, bassist Mahlon left the band. They got a new guy but still slowly disintegrated. Thanks to doing this post, though, I found their Facebook page and they are back and rockin'! YES!

*Inebriates Equivocators and Mockers of the Devil Himself

3 biased opinions:

Devil Dick said...

bergman is a buddy o' mine and helped pb army helped solace out when we played in that shit hole way back when.... great band live and super nice doodes....

Devil Dick said...

don't worry about the drinking,,,, i make up for it for you.... doh!

Biki said...

like this one!