Friday, May 6, 2011

"Reasons Love"

No Heavy Petting
(Chrysalis Records, 1976)

So, yeah, I'm a metalhead. Deal with it.

It was 8th grade when Jeff B______ asked me one day in Spanish class, snidely, Baltimore, do you like anything besides heavy metal? He was a dick, and not the good kind. The following year, I rationalized to myself that I couldn't possibly be gay, 'cause I liked such tough music. Amongst bands making said tough music, UFO was already one of my favorites. I even managed to see them that school year, with godlike guitarist Michael Schenker still in the band. It wasn't 'til 11th or 12th grade that I got this album, however. His soloing on this song floored me. I couldn't believe how fast he was playing! Sadly, he only lasted two more studio albums and left after the recording of their second live album, the classic Strangers in the Night.

NOTE: The intro to this song is my primary ringtone. Yeah, I make my own ringtones, bitch.

NOTE2: Schenker was the replacement for guitarist Bernie Marsden, who replaced Larry Wallis, who replaced Mick Bolton, who played on the previous UFO song I posted, Timothy.

NOTE3: Larry Wallis was the original guitarist for Motörhead, featured here just two days ago. Yes, the world of rock'n'roll is rampant with the sin of incest.

NOTE4: Schenker may be godlike, but his work outside UFO ranges from OK to awful. Be forewarned.

NOTE5: Astute listeners may realize that, if you take the main riff here and slow it down . . . Voilà! You get Jane's Addiction's Mountain Song. Bitches. I've never liked them; I'm not even gonna hyperlink to 'em. HA!

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Pravin said...

i also noticed the mountain song thing!