Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kevin Ayers
"Didn't Feel Lonely Till I Thought of You"

Kevin Ayers
First Show in the Appearance Business
The BBC Sessions 1973-76

(Band of Joy, 1997)


I really can't think of a better word to describe the playing of guitarist Ollie Halsall with Kevin Ayers. I've featured Kev before, and Ollie was most likely the soloist on that song, in addition to this one, but there are no musician credits on the wee 7" record or sleeve.

Ollie's soloing on the original studio version of this song on Kevin's fifth album, The Confessions of Dr Dream and other stories, was certainly out there, but this version, recorded for BBC1's John Peel Show on July 9, 1974, makes it almost sound tame, in comparison. The studio recording, btw, was his first work with Kev. The two ended up working together until Ollie's untimely death in 1992.

I'd actually known Ollie's name since 1978, thanks to his being a studio Rutle, but never heard him really let loose 'til I started listening to Kev in the early '90's, thanks to my friend Audrey. He was also in other bands, like Tempest and Patto, but I must confess I have not yet checked them out. I only have so many ears, you know.

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Biki said...

Wow! Has music changed since the early '70s. It sounds so....dated! It isnt bad, but I think my tastes have moved on a bit. And actually back in the day when this was new, it wasnt really my type of music then either.

The lead guitar is quite good, but what makes this song enjoyable are the few times the bass sings. I love the buzzy deep twangy-ness of it.