Sunday, May 22, 2011

Job's Daughters
"The Prophecy of Daniel and John the Divine (Six-Six-Six)"

Job's Daughters
The Prophecy of Daniel and John the Divine/Sinner Man
7" single
(Nuf Sed Southwestern Radio Church, 1991)

And so we begin covers week! Now, as I was driving around town on Saturday (i.e., yesterday), I was writing down ideas in my cute lil' notepad app in my HTC Tilt 2 smartass phone. I did this, of course, only at stop lights and when waiting at the drive-through window at my dealer. Ninth on my list of idears was this little platter, which I first heard on a mix tape my buddy James made for me eons ago (like, probably twenty years ago, seeing as this record is almost old enough to drink in the USA). When I pulled it out of one of my many crates of little records, the cover made it disturbingly obvious that it had to be today's song.

Anyhow, I fell in love with the song, and the first copy I saw for sale, I snapped up. As you can tell by the price sticker, it was in a bargain bin; yes, it took me well over a decade to stumble across one. So, anyhow, I looked at the credits, and it's a COVER! And it was originally recorded by The Partridge Family The Cowsills, at that! How crazy is that? I've still never heard the original, so my apologies if this adds nothing new to it. Six more goodies in store in the next few days! And next month will be an entire theme month! Unless I change my mind, of course.

2 biased opinions:

VirginiaM said...

funny timing b/c I've been watching the Partridge Family on DVD which led to my listening to some Cowsills. I am in possession of their rendition of this song if you need it. Also the theme song to "Love American Style." I hope this information doesn't make you feel insecure about your own music collection.

Biki said...

Holy Empty Beer Bottles LB! If I hadn't of know better, at first I could have sworn it was the Partridges. I have no idea who these Cowsill people are. And no! Dont send me any cow links either! Honestly? Yeah, I think that I made it a whole....ummm like 40 seconds or so. Damn, do I hate 60's music. Yes, yes, I know I read your tags, it was done in the 90's, but the important thingy is that it SOUNDS like the gwad awfull 60's! Shudder, shudder, shudder! Must hurry off now to listen to something to wash that horrid sound outta my earholes, and the brain. Tah!