Thursday, December 2, 2010

Talk Engine
"Dream Me Coupled"

Talk Engine
Talk Engine
(Engineous Productions, 2005)

Another free bin snatch, and an odd one, at that. The band name is quite appropriate, as the album is primarily blues rock with spoken word vocals rather than singing ones. It works, though! Vocalist Jackie Sheeler is an award winning poet, and she writes some pretty powerful stuff, based on this CD. Patti Smith started the same way, I believe: poet then band leader. Not that Talk Engine sound anything like Patti. Before I forget, guitarist Landru von Dige is, to use the vernacular, shit hot.

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Biki said...

sigh, was very disappointed after your build up. yeah, i have started reading the bits about the albums. i usually don't cause i have no idea who any of the musicians you talk about are.....