Friday, December 3, 2010

Sativa Luv Box
"Groovy Kurtain"

Sativa Luv Box
The Bad Sleep Well
(Splat-Co Records, 1989)

Wayyyyy back in the '80s, Patrick Mata led the band Kommunity FK, who played a mix of punk, industrial and proto-goth. Their debut album, The Vision And The Voice, is an absolute classic in my book. The follow-up, 1985's Close One Sad Eye, was good, but they'd eased up on the punk end a bit too much, in my opinion. After that, they split.

In 2003, Mata re-emerged with a new band called Sativa Luvbox and an album called Beloved Satellite. What I heard sounded OK but nowhere near as quality as KFK. I mentioned that on a message board and a buddy of mine contacted me and told me it was actually their second album, and, just like with KFK, the first was better. Today's tune is from that first album, which was released only on vinyl and took me a couple of years to find, probably because the band name was slightly different: Sativa Luv Box. It's the most straight up, hard rocking thing Mata has done, and I like it quite a bit. Three of the ten songs were redone for the 2003 CD, but the originals rock harder.

NOTE: Mata restarted Kommunity FK a few years back, and their long-awaited album, La Santisima Muerte, finally came out this year. 'Tis a fine album, too.

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James Von Sutekh said...

Aha! I've been hoping you'd post this for a while now. Certainly not what I expected, but interesting nevertheless.
I'll be looking into Kommunity FK on in the not too distant future.

Biki Honko said...

not bad! i love the bass, it really pulls the song together.

patriKFK said...

I really want to thank Lightning Jukebox for discovering my first ever exploration into what I envisioned as 'proto-stoner psych-gothpunk'. The first lp was recorded live in a garage with the band(fact) where I then recorded my vocals into a mic attached to a shower head while standing in a bath tub. The tiles had excellent acoustics. I designed the cover art as well. It was produced in the early 90s when an eccentric personage named Splat who DJed on KXLU decided to graciously help release it on vinyl. I truly do like a few ov the compositions, if U don't mind my saying so, which were real heavy bastards live. We were a 3-piece band influenced by Blue Cheer, Ziggy-era Bowie, MC5, & especially 60s Biker movie soundtracks. The second album was released on MCA, a very shitty record label with very shitty personages all around whom had no fking clue. I wanted to record the songs from the debut lp but was vetoed by these wankers completely. The second album was co-produced by Joe Chicarelli & myself( which he did not approve of). Also, when I composed the 90% ov the compositions with the bassist & drummer(who I believe to be a fantastik fking drummer to this precise moment) adding their riffage in a 10% submission(in my opinion with exception to the trak "Bongwater Kumshaft") we were stoned on weed & I was illuminated with certain psychedelix. I was experimenting with peyote in a bowl mixed with weed(the little smoke) as well as LSD. This was the 90s remember! This is just a little bit ov trivia ov which more will be read from my long ongoing autobio that if any publishing house is interested I will publish & share with all ov U someday.
Both albums were deleted back in the 90s unless U lot know something that I am not aware ov regarding any sort ov re-release. If so, do inform me.
Thank you for digging this shite up.

FK it up,