Monday, December 20, 2010

O Captain! My Captain!

I was invited to a Sadie Hawkins Dance my senior year of high school. Since the girl* I liked hadn't asked me, I accepted for the heck of it. It was my first (and last) high school dance. There was a live band, and they were horrible. The drummer cleverly added an extra beat to "Highway to Hell," thereby rendering the usually very danceable beat totally awkward. That was the only song to which we danced. The girl didn't want to dance or talk after that. We just sat there.



Afterward, we went to her house and watched Saturday Night Live. The musical guest was Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band. I thought they were bizarre but cool. It was by far the highlight of my evening.

Sadly, the Captain passed away this past week.

Another of my heroes is dead.

His music will live forever, though. Here're the two songs from that night; both from his then new record, Doc at the Radar Station, his penultimate album.

*I was still in heavy, heavy denial at the time

Still on hiatus . . . this is a special post.

2 biased opinions:

Ambassador MAGMA said...

Sheered Genius!

I love that era... but I even love his AM gold tragic band stuff, so I'm a tad biased...

love and respect

WARPed said...


I saw Capt. Beefhart in concert ay GW Univ (DC) in '74.

It was SO loud I had to leave mid-show!