Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hex Error
"Deerlodge Prison"

Hex Error
Hex Error
(self-released, 2001)

I saw these local folk open for someone and thought they were terrible. Just awful. A few months later, I saw them again and was blown away. After that, I made a point of it to get out whenever I saw they were playing. The guitarist's style reminded me strongly of MX-80 Sound, though in a rather different context.

Sadly, this is the only thing Hex Error ever released, as they had some new songs they were playing before they split that were fantastic. If I remember correctly, one of them had been in an accident (motorcycle?) and was out of commission for a long time. I guess they never recovered from that setback. Interestingly enough, vocalist/guitarist Jason Hatcher is now a folky. Oooh! I already used a variation of that word! I win! You owe me a dollar.

Being a computer programmer-type, the nerd in me loves their name. ^_^

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Biki said...

i like this......raw and bleeding!