Saturday, December 11, 2010


Álmodj makkal
(Bahia Music, 1999)

I first heard these folks on one of those Southern Lord sampler CDs, Let There Be Doom II (A Kult Collection Of Massive Sub-Harmonics). They were on there 'cause Attila Csihar was their current vocalist, and one of their songs was on his album The Beast of Attila Csihar, on Southern Lord. Of all the bands on that comp that I did not know already, their track jumped out at me.

I searched for info and found none, 'til I eventually came across their website, which, at the time, was little more than a logo and an e-mail address. I sent them a fan e-mail, and they sent me copies of their earlier releases, and the new demo with Attila on vox. It was all pretty great stuff, and today's selection is a track from their pre-Attila, first full-length album. The album title allegedly means something like Dream Glands, and the song "Magic Ball." That's from Google, so don't shoot me if it's wrong.

They released one eponymous album with Attila, then Mr. Csihar jumped ship to return to Mayhem. They've since released a new album, Mumus, with a new singer. The samples I've heard sound kickin', but I've had no luck tracking down a physical copy (not a big fan of downloads, you know?).