Friday, March 25, 2011

Square Root of Margaret
"The 3-D Breeze"

Square Root of Margaret
Levitation Days
(33⅓ Recordings, 2004)

What is it with Canada and weird band names? Broken Social Scene? Chilliwack? Voïvod? Max Webster? Do you know how many times I've had to move Max Webster albums from the W section to the Ms at stores where I don't even work? Yes, I'm just that anal retentive . . . and saintly.

How the heck do CDs by obscure-ish Canadian bands end up in bargain & free bins way down in the Deep South? I featured free bin discovery Raising the Fawn back in November of last year, and today it's bargain bin find Square Root of Margaret. I found their most recent, at the time, album, Teragram Photeur, a few years back and was immediately attracted by the weird band name and odd album title. I snapped it up and fell in love with their poppy psychedelic space rock. Naturally, I checked on-line and found they had several other releases out, and I snagged everything I could. Today's song is from their fourth release, a limited edition EP called Levitation Days. They re-recorded it a couple of releases later, for their next full-length album, Cloud Nine Revisited. Both versions are snazzy, but this one is a bit more muscular.

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