Saturday, February 12, 2011

Slow Horse
"When Are You Coming Home?"

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I saw these guys play with German stoner metallers Calamus here in the ATL many years ago (they kicked butt, btw). Maybe I was just too excited to see Calamus again, or maybe they had an off night; either way, I thought Slow Horse kinda . . . stunk. Somehow, at a later date, I still ended up buying their second album, which has the same title as the one featured today, but different artwork (there are boobies, if you look closely and that's your thing) and songs (shocker, huh?). I wonder who's the bigger inspiration? Peter Gabriel or George Foreman?

Today's jukebox selection (almost) shares a title with one of my favorite Galaxie 500 songs, When Will You Come Home. Lyrically, well, they're both downersville, though this song is about finality, rather than temporary separation. Musically, this song's a bit heavier.


After the release of their second album, vocalist-slash-guitarist Dan Bukszpan gained an iel and became a published author, with the release of The Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal. In addition, we even worked for the same corporation for a bit, though our desks were probably around 1,000 miles apart.

Sadly, I have not been able to find a good link for Calamus. They released three albums, a couple of EPs and a couple of split 7"s records, one with Slow Horse (each covering a song by the other) and one with Duster69. The latter is on vinyl so heavy, my turntable thinks it's an LP!

3 biased opinions:

Biki said...

Whoa, that is depressing, just perfect for tonight!

Devil Dick said...

post the chris isaak wicked game cover!!! that rules!!!

Lightning Baltimore said...

Indeed, it is, DD! I'll get it ripped and posted sometime soon.