Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MC Hawking
"F#@k the Creationists"

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MC Hawking
A Brief History of Rhyme: MC Hawking's Greatest Hits
(Brash Music, 2004)

Everyone needs a hobby, right? Even famous people need, and have, them. Alice Cooper is an avid golfer, for example. Ted Nugent collects Precious Moments™ figurines. Pat Robertson is a scrapbooker; his delightful photo essays of the biannual 700 Club* orgies he hosts are the envy of the other evangelicals. And theoretical physicist/mathematician Stephen Hawking? Why, he's a gangsta rapper, bustin' dope rhymes when not putting caps in black holes and/or enraging the Pope.

Today's song originally appeared on his third EP, E = mchawking, but all I have is the best of compilation, so that's what you get. By the way, the title is spelled "F#@k the Creationists" on the CD cover; it's not just me censoring it. You can probably guess the filthy Anglo-Saxon word, as my dear mother used to call them, he actually uses in the song.

*Why do you think they call it the "700 Club?"

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Biki Honko said...

sigh, sigh...... he should so stick to science.