Monday, January 10, 2011

Wild Horses
"The Kid"

you know you want it
Wild Horses
I'll Give You Love
2 x 7" single
(EMI, 1981)

So, like, Thin Lizzy are one of the greatest bands ever, right? And Rainbow were great 'til vocalist Ronnie James Dio left to join Black Sabbath, right?

Don't you defy me!

Anyhow, so Brian Robertson left Lizzy sometime between the recording of Live and Dangerous and the subsequent tour when it was released. Gary Moore was on guitar when I saw them on that tour, in fact. And Jimmy Bain? Well, he got the boot from Rainbow, 'cause leader/guitarist/despot Ritchie Blackmore is a control freak, in addition to a great guitarist. Or maybe he quit. I don't know. Go look it up yourself, dammit! Anyhow, the two of them joined forces as Wild Horses.

They released only two albums in their short lifespan, plus a few singles, some of which included non-LP material. Today's selection is one of those non-LP tracks, and appeared as the A-side of the bonus disc in the double 7" single of "I'll Give You Love," from their second album, Stand Your Ground. It's a nice, taut little rocker and Robbo's playing is immediately recognizable on the smokin' solo.

After they split, Robbo joined Motörhead, replacing "Fast" Eddie Clarke, who'd left for cigarettes and never came back. Seriously! He played on Another Perfect Day, toured with them for it (I saw them at a small club in Baltimore and they kicked ass), then split. Jimmy eventually rejoined RJD in Dio, and played on many songs about rainbows, unicorns, Satan, and lip gloss.

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Biki Honko said...

Umm....Brain who? Jimmy???? Dude if your going to name drop do a better job for those of us that don't have an encyclopedic knowledge of music, okies?

and as for the song? ehh. not really loving it, but sure as hellz don't hate it. kinda back groundish to me...

so where did the round ring on the album cover come from?

Biki Honko said...

oh.......and i totally caught mr. i -can- spell in a mistake! LOL LOL....can you find it? Look again......still cant find it? Ok, I'll put you out of your misery.

You wrote, "It's a nice, taught little rocker and Robbo's playing is immediately recognizable on the smokin' solo."

See it now? Yup! You meant to write taut, didn't ya?

Lightning Baltimore said...

That's what I get for writing stuff in the middle of the night, when I should be asleep. I didn't even notice I'd typed taught instead of taut when I proofread it. 'Tis now fixed.

I also added a buttload of links for info on the various people and bands mentioned.


The ring on the cover was caused by the record. For whatever reason, lots of 7"s pressed in the UK and Europe have a little ridge of bumps around the edge of the label. I have no idea what purpose it serves, other than damaging my precious record sleeves!


Brushback said...

Yeah, UK 7"-ers are a little weird, with the stuff they do around the label area (the dumb little ridges you've pointed out, not having a label at all and pressing the info right into the vinyl, having a tiny center hole but with the bigger 45rpm hole partially cut out around it, etc).

This song was not bad. Surprised to see the hand-made Download button.