Saturday, January 15, 2011

Streaky Jake
"Stop Killing Your Time"

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Stop Killing Your Time - What's Wrong? Nothing
Streaky Jake
What's Wrong? Nothing.
(Metal Postcard, 2006)

I found this one in a bargain bin and was intrigued by the artist name, release title, and utterly stark front cover; the back has a rough pencil sketch of, I presume, Jake. A note on the back of the booklet, after the song titles, says, ".. that was the story of jake & mary." Is it autobiographical? I have no idea. The instrumentation is simple: acoustic guitar and the occasional tambourine, probably played by Jake with his foot, but that's just a guess. It sounds like it was recorded by Jake in the middle of a HUGE room, thus adding to the sense of loneliness and despair. I love it.

For whatever reason, he now releases music under the name Swoop Swoop. He's released a 7" single and two CDs, but I've not heard any of them, yet.

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Biki said...

Whoa, totally not my type of music, but i did like this one!