Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lucky Pierre.

you know you want it
Lucky Pierre.
7" EP
(Uprising Records, 1992)

Yes, that period is supposed to be at the end of their name, so post-menopausal readers may want to skip this one.

Lucky Pierre. played around the Atlanta/Athens area in the early '90s. A band I was in back then played a show with them, and they were pretty good. The main thing I remember is the huge, floppy bass rumble they generated (Harvey Milk was by no means the only heavy band in north-ish central Georgia in the early '80s). They released this EP and a CD, Brown Betty, on the Uprising Records label, out of Ann Arbor, MI – not the California label that started in 1994.

I didn't manage to pick up either of their releases 'til probably ten years later, and now I wish I'd seen them more than just that one time. They also have a song on a four-song 7" EP sampler on Uprising, called Respond. I still need that one.

2 biased opinions:

Biki Honko said...

O.M.G. NO!

But on a completely different note, something they dont seem to have a good grasp of...what was i saying? Oh yeah, whats the comment about post-menopausal readers supposed to mean? Because your worried that since their hormones are in disarray they might understandably harm themselves after listening to this???

Dude, eat some pudding and listen to something happier, ok?

Anonymous said...

Hey wow, was looking for post and download of other Atlanta and Athens bands form the 90's like Bob and Bliss, 2 of my favorites and found this. Thanks for the kind words. I am the bass player and vocalist. Contact me if you want I have two cds we recorded stored somewhere and would gladly dig them up for you. Got any bob or Bliss. most I have are on broken cassettes. amwalnoha@gmail.com