Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Clean
"Point That Thing Somewhere Else"

The Clean are yet another of my favorite bands. Yes, I have a lot; I'm such a slut. I first heard them on the Flying Nun Records sampler LP Tuatara. It was chock full of great music, and I ended up trying to get my hands on anything I could find by nine of the twelve bands represented.

Point That Thing Somewhere Else is a good candidate for The Clean's signature song. It originally appeared on their first 12" EP, Boodle Boodle Boodle, way back in 1982. Since then, at least eight more versions (see below) of it have been released. I say at least because that's how many I have. This particular version, recorded live at Marmalade in Wellington, NZ on February 28, 1999, is unique in that the guitar part has been transposed to piano. Its parent release, Slush Fund, was an eight song EP pressed up to sell on a tour in 2001. I believe it was limited to 500 copies, but don't hold me to that.

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So awesome!

Brushback said...

I have a "Great Unwashed" record that I bought because I thought it was the Clean side project. Turns out there's another indie band from Germany that took the same name in the late '90s (how could they not have known?). I might post the record soon, anyway.