Friday, March 2, 2012

Lynch Mob

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Lynch Mob
(Sacred Groove Records, 1998)

Let's get one thing straight right from the start: hair metal was a scourge upon the world or music.

Now, sure, there were exceptions, though they were exceptions for a reason. The only one I can think of, though, is Skid Row, and I don't consider them a hair metal band, but, rather, a band with long, pretty hair who also happened to rock pretty darn ferociously when the mood hit them (see below video).

Dokken was not an exception; they were awful (see other video below). I still have fond memories of flinging one of their LPs out the window of a moving car and watching it shatter as it hit the pavement when I was an angry young man.

When we got Wicked Sensation, the first album by guitarist George Lynch's (not very) cleverly named new band Lynch Mob at my college radio station, I popped it into the office CD player for a laugh. Just as had happened when we got the second Skid Row album, Slave to the Grind, I was shocked! I mean, it was good! WTH?

After that first Lynch Mob album, vocalist Oni Logan was let go. They got a new guy (who sounded similar enough that I didn't even realize they had a new singer) and popped out a second, also good, album, Lynch Mob. (Collectors' Note: The Japanese version has two extra songs.) George then apparently rejoined Dokken, then was out again (a practice that seems to continue to this day).

In 1998, Oni came back on board for this lil' three song EP with the most atrocious cover of just about any record in my collection. I saw them when they toured to promote it, and they kicked ass. Well, I could've done without George's mid-set, four-and-a-half hour guitar solo, but that was the only part that stunk. This song, in particular, was really crushing. Sadly, the studio version doesn't quitecapture how powerful it was live, but what can you do?

After the reunion with Oni fell apart, George formed a whole new Lynch Mob and released the rap-metal album Smoke This. The less said about it, the better. There's a new-ish album out with Oni back on vox, but I only found out about it while doing this write-up, so I can't tell you (yet) if it's worthy or not.

No biased opinions . . . yet