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(Magaibutsu Limited, 1997)

One of the many million projects of drummer, vocalist, composer, insane genius Yoshida Tatsuya, 大山脈X were seemingly a one-off kinda thing, though they did make one compilation appearance in addition to this CDR. This release is one long piece of music, broken down into ten sections, each named for a specific mountain or mountain range. You see, 大山脈X means something like Massive Mountain X. The compilation track I mentioned above, by the way, is entitled Vesuvius, which is a mountain but also a volcano.

The line-up for this one is definitely on the slightly unique side. In addition to Yoshida on drums, voice, and keyboards (he can do all three simultaneously, and I've seen him do it live), there are two bass players (Jin Harada and Yokai Takahashi), a violinist (Yuji Katsui), and another vocalist (Mihashi Mikako).

『組曲大山脈』 was one of four CDRs that Yoshida released on Magaibutsu Limited, his own label. The others were a disc of improvisations by his drums and bass duo Ruins, and two solo discs.

The aforementioned compilation consists of nineteen tracks by twelve groups either featuring or lead by Yoshida, plus one solo piece.


  • 大山脈X = Daisanmyaku X = Massive Mountain X
  • 組曲大山脈 = Massive Mountains Suite
  • バルカン山脈 = Balkan Mountains

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