Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Flowers
"Jenny Tried to Kiss Me at Recess"

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The . . . um . . . vocalist on this "tune," Mr. Horribly-Charred-Infant, didn't come out 'til a few years after the band split in mid-1990. This track is probably their gayest, in retrospect.

Random facts:

  • All Happy Flowers songs were recorded live in the studio, with no mixing or overdubbing done afterward. In addition, the majority were improvised on the spot.
  • Mr. HCI is playing bass and guitar at the same time on this song. The bass was strapped on over the guitar, which mostly just provided feedback.
  • Mr. Anus is playing the drums. He does like girls.
  • The song is mostly a true story. In reality, however, Jenny never caught and kissed him, and her name was actually Amanda.

2 biased opinions:

James Von Sutekh said...

ROTFL - Let me be the first to congratulate you on your invention of negative-space humour, where the joke lies in that which remains unspoken.

Biki said...

i love this song!

and i know and LOVE the vocalist!

hes. the. bomb!