Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cecil Taylor
"Sperichill on Calling"

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Man, sometimes a bit of good, blasting free jazz is just what I need. Today's man of the . . . um . . . day, Cecil Taylor was outed as gay in 1982 by critic Stanley Crouch, who apparently asserted that Cecil couldn't play piano properly because he is gay. Uhhhh . . . whatever. Cecil is a genius and Stanley is just a critic. Nuf said.

The Players:

Recorded June 3rd, 1978 in SWF-Radio JazzConcert in Kirchzarten/Black Forest/West Germany

NOTA BENE: I've taken the liberty of excising the applause that follows the performance so I could keep the file size under 20MB (my MP3 host's size limit) while keeping the bit-rate as high as possible (112kbps).

1 biased opinion:

Biki said...

ok, that has to be the oddest thing ever. he cant play well cause he's gay? sigh some people....