Monday, October 10, 2011

"Lexicon Devil"

Germs vocalist/lyricist Darby Crash, name checked in Homosexual by the Angry Samoans, was, in fact, a homosexual. The AngSams credited the song to J. Fallwell, however, so I don't think there was malice intended. Darby was full of charisma, but apparently also full of shame and self-hatred for his sexual orientation. Tragically, this led to self-destructive behavior, drug abuse, and eventually suicide.

Despite there being two versions of Lexicon Devil on the (MIA) The Complete Anthology CD, this is not one of them. I'm not sure if this was the original single version or is exclusive to this release, however (I've never owned the original single). The version on (MIA) The Complete Anthology presented as being from the single has prominent saxophone that, unfortunately, robs the song of a good deal of its sonic power. The version from their lone album, (GI), is much faster and loses the infectious pop appeal of this take. This one is perfect. That's probably why it's my favorite Germs song.

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James Von Sutekh said...

And in the aftermath:
Pat Smear and Don Bolles both worked with 45 Grave before Pat Smear went onto Nirvana and currently Foo Fighters.
Drummer Dottie Danger (aka: Belinda Carlisle)went on to form the Go Gos who got a whopping commercial hit in the early 80s with "Our Lips are Sealed", better known to it's friends as "Alex the Seal".

Lightning Baltimore said...

Ah, yes, the song about why The Go-Go's couldn't get pregnant.

I think Belinda's germicidal tenure lasted for about one live performance.

Biki said...

the song was kinda ok, but i didnt much care for the nasal qualities of his voice.

Devil Dick said...

one of my faves as well. the melvins did a great cover of this.