Sunday, September 16, 2012

"It's Alright"

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Amazon MP3Hellcats It's Allright - Hellcats 1/P*ss Party

12" EP
(Radio Records, 1982)

The cover of this Hellcats record jumped off the new release rack at me back when I was in my early days of college. I took one look and determined it was a complete rip-off of the Starz logo. Picking it up and flipping it over revealed just exactly why I thought that: it was intentional. See, Hellcats were, in fact, a new band featuring the former lead vocalist and guitarist of Starz, Michael Lee Smith and Richie Ranno. It's a bit lighter than Starz, but still pretty cool.

I should probably mention that Starz did go through a short power pop phase, with their third album Attention Shoppers!

Hellcats followed this EP with a full length album a few years later, but Michael was gone and, from what I remember of it, so was the spark.


3 biased opinions:

Brushback said...

I remember seeing that "Attention Shoppers!" LP at the record store... it looked too cheesy for me to ever buy it, otherwise I probably would've dug it

Brushback said...

Ha ha, "It's Alright" almost sounds like April Wine

Biki said...

whoa, it feels like the closing credit song in a 80's movie. now im not saying thats all bad, just saying.