Thursday, July 28, 2011


(SSE Communications, 1998)

OK, this is another one I really know nothing about, other than they were the duo of Kazuki Futuba on bass and Masaaki Niizeki on everything else. As far as I know, this was their only release.

Why do I have it, then? Well, it's on SSE Communications, my favorite label!

I decided a while back that I wanted everything on SSE (and its earlier incarnation as Transrecords). I searched for this one on-line, and ended up getting it (and many other SSE releases) via Yahoo! Japan Auctions at a price that made the risk worth it. Today's song is the noisiest on the CD, which is rather an odd mix of fairly mainstream J-rock with lil' bits o' throb and aggression. Enjoy!


  • 微笑の季節 = Seasonal Smile
  • 沈黙が飛んでいる = Flying Silence
  • Slinger = one who slings

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Biki said...

Interesting song. I'd like for you to post something more mainstream from them. If this was a "one off" on their album, then especially so.