Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cee Jay
"Take Your Love and Shove It"

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Cee Jay
Take Your Love and Shove It
7" single
(Amoura Records, 1980)

As I mentioned earlier this year, my folks moved to a retirement home just over a year ago. Amongst the classical, jazz, Gilbert & Sullivan, and childrens' records (mine and my sister's), I found this 45. I'm guessing it belonged to my sis*, as I can't imagine our folks ever buying or listening to country music. Plus, she likes it (more than I, I mean). When I saw the title, I was compelled to stick it in the pile of stuff headed southward to my house.

It turned out to be a fun song, sung by a woman sporting some impressive mom jeans on the album cover I found on-line.

According to the listing on Amazon for the album itself, Pure Country, it dates from 1980. It sure doesn't sound like contemporary country music. That's a compliment.

*I will, of course, return it; if it's hers and she wants it back.

3 biased opinions:

VirginiaM said...

Catchy. and twangy.

Biki said...

whoa! this girl can TWANG! and you're so right, it sounds like a song from the late 50's not from the 80's. but whats the deal with country music talking part of the song (story)?

do i like it? well, tis ok for a single listen, as i'm so not a lover of country. ok ok, i do have a thing for patsy cline, but thats about it.

Lightning Baltimore said...

Patsy rules!